Guitar Techniques - - Play: Blues -

[Bars 26-33 and 66-73] The sec­ond (and third) verse needs slightly more care­ful vol­ume con­trol at the be­gin­ning (you could also try us­ing the fingers and thumb here). The first-fin­ger tone-and-a-half bend at the end of this sec­tion (bar 33) is the first of Gary’s more ex­treme bends, and th­ese might need ex­tra prac­tice. Try rolling the whole hand to the side (as with a BB King-style vi­brato) rather than try­ing to pull down on the first fin­ger alone. [Bars 34- 41] Here, Gary spells out the un­der­ly­ing chord move­ment with some sim­ple but effective Steve Crop­per-style 6th chords (ie in­verted root and 3rd). This is a great way to add har­monic in­ter­est and tex­ture with­out bulk­ing up the chord shapes and fill­ing out too much space in the track (es­pe­cially if you’re us­ing dis­tor­tion/over­drive). Gary in­nately knew what worked where, and also had a great sense of dy­nam­ics.

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