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Well it’s 2,4, 6, 8 mo­tor­way says Nev (don’t ask)!

Don’t know about you, but I’d rather do a jour­ney where there are ‘goals’ along the way to break it into man­age­able por­tions, rather than tonk­ing up a mo­tor­way for hours on end. I live in the west of Eng­land but of­ten do gigs in the east, and while my sat-nav wants to take me from bath along the M4, M5, M42, M6, a14 and a1 to, say, Peter­bor­ough, I ig­nore it and go via Swin­don, ox­ford, northamp­ton, etc (of great in­ter­est to our over­seas read­ers, I’m sure!). th­ese towns are like mini ‘goals’ and help me feel like I’m get­ting some­where.

“what is he on about?” you cry. well, it’s a bit like this month’s Four Lev­els of blues. as a be­gin­ner, were you to be shown a John Scofield solo and be told it will take years to get there, you’d prob­a­bly give up on the spot. but should you be of­fered some­thing sim­pler, but still com­plete and whole­some, and be in­formed that a few months’ work should have it un­der your fin­gers, you’d more likely see that as an at­tain­able goal. and hav­ing got to that point, the next level seems some­what less daunt­ing.

with so much tu­ition avail­able th­ese days it’s easy to get dis­tracted, flit­ting from one thing to the next with lit­tle aim. but a les­son like this is to­tally fo­cused, so whether you need to start at the be­gin­ning or are al­ready pretty good and can dip in fur­ther up the dif­fi­culty lad­der, there’s mea­sur­a­bil­ity so you can see progress as you make it. and although it’s called Four Lev­els of ‘blues’, many of the con­cepts here ap­ply to all kinds of other styles.

If you fancy some­thing a lit­tle higher up the tech­nique food chain, check out our String Skip­ping with a Pick les­son - it’s a straight ‘how to’ fea­ture that’s bound to test your met­tle should you be new to the ap­proach. Have a go! and what about the Shad­ows’ at­lantis? this beau­ti­ful track comes from 1963 and Hank Marvin played it with in­cred­i­ble aplomb for some­one so young. He was just 21 when he recorded it and re­mem­ber he’d had no tu­ition CDs, DVDs - or Gt - to help him, but he cre­ated a brand new sound all by him­self, from nowhere.

I hope you en­joy another is­sue var­ied in styles and abil­i­ties, and I’ll see you next month.

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