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Guitar Techniques - - Intro -

1. Rocky 12-bar Blues (E) Here’s a fun 12-bar blues in E. The turn­around chords in bars 9-10 of the pro­gres­sion are C5 and B5 (bVI-V), so slightly dif­fer­ent than your stan­dard V-IV. Good old E Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic scale (EG A B D) works a treat through­out, but you can also add in some E Ma­jor Pen­ta­tonic (E F# G# B C#), E Mixoly­dian mode (E F# G# A B C# D), E Do­rian (E F# GA B C# D) and E Mi­nor scale (E F# GA B C D).

2. Medium Swing Mi­nor 2-5-1 (Em) Here’s a jazz jam track in E mi­nor. The chord pro­gres­sion is F#m7b5 - B7 Em7 - Em7, although you will hear ex­tended ver­sions of th­ese chords – as is common in jazz. The E Mi­nor scale (E F# GA B C D) works great for the F#m7b5 and Em7 chords, while E Har­monic mi­nor (E F# GA B C D#) is per­fect for the B7 chords. Next up, try out some more ad­vanced colours on the dom­i­nant B7 by treat­ing it as an al­tered chord and us­ing the B Al­tered scale (BC D Eb FG A).

3. Whole-Tone Jam Try this Whole-Tone scale jam based around G! The scale it­self goes GA B C# D# F, all notes be­ing a whole tone apart, of course. The pro­gres­sion is based purely on notes of the scale, with the bass notes be­ing G, D# and F. Top tip: try find­ing cool pat­terns and licks and then move them up and down in whole tones – or ma­jor 3rds (which equals two whole tones). The Whole-Tone scale is com­pletely sym­met­ri­cal, so you can eas­ily move your ideas round!

4. C Mi­nor Rock­out The pro­gres­sion here is Cm - Bb - Ab - G – Cm - G/B - Ab/C - F/C. You can ef­fec­tively mix the C Nat­u­ral mi­nor scale (C D Eb F G Ab Bb), C Har­monic mi­nor scale (C D Eb F G Ab B) and C Do­rian mode (C D Eb FG A Bb) on this track. I’d sug­gest us­ing C Mi­nor scale for the Cm, Bb, Ab and Ab/C chords, C Har­monic mi­nor for the G and G/B chords and fi­nally C Do­rian for the F/C chord. Have fun!

Cre­ated for you by Ja­cob Quist­gaard. For free scale maps and hun­dreds more tracks, visit www.quis­torama.com. Also sub­scribe to www.youtube.com/QuistTV to get all the lat­est free jam tracks and licks!

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