Guitar Techniques - - Play: Blues -

Here’s a be-bop solo in the style of Joe Pass and Jim Hall, but em­ploy­ing tech­niques used by a range of gui­tarists. in ad­di­tion to some level 3 ap­proach, i’ve used ever y level 4 tech­nique dis­cussed in the text. Ex­am­ples of ly­dian Dom­i­nant (for the chords of C7 and F7) are found in bars 2-3, 6, 11-12, 17-18 and 23-24, and C Half-Whole Di­min­ished is used in bar 16. G Al­tered is used in its Pen­ta­tonic form in Bars 9-10, and its full seven-note form in bars 21-22. Fi­nally, ‘side-step­ping’ (semi­tone trans­po­si­tion) is em­ployed in a mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic lick in bars 19-20.

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