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Our track fea­tures two dis­tinct sounds, one with the echo unit and one with nat­u­ral spring re­verb. Like many of their tracks, the spe­cific makes and mod­els that Hank used can be the sub­ject of many hotly dis­puted ar­gu­ments amongst afi­ciona­dos. That said, this was the band’s ‘Burns’ era so Hank would have used his Burns Marvin and pos­si­bly a Watkins Copi­cat. There’s lit­tle point in try­ing to recre­ate the echo unit’s unique se­ries of re­peats ex­actly, but you can get rea­son­ably close with a tape echo emu­la­tor with the first head set to 84ms and the sec­ond to 168ms and 50% feed­back. This es­sen­tially gives the rough im­pres­sion of re­peat­ing sex­tu­plet 16th rhythms. Also the majority of the track (apart from just be­fore the fi­nal reprise of the in­tro at bar 65) fea­tures the dis­tinctly warmer Burns tone. Amp is Vox AC30 all the way, so dial in a Bri­tish style valve sound with plenty of re­verb. It also sounds like a com­pres­sor was used to re­duce the at­tack of the melody line, so use one at your dis­cre­tion.

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