nail­ing the Hank vi­brato

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Although Hank is schooled in the ways of clas­sic gui­tar vi­brato, most of his fa­mous vi­brato comes from a sub­tle wag­gle of the whammy bar. It’s im­por­tant to note that it should be of the float­ing va­ri­ety to en­sure the arm can move up and down (ei­ther side of the fret­ted note) to give a smoother sound. It very much de­pends on the gauge of strings and the ten­sion springs as to how sub­tle you need to be, but if you do find the move­ment a lit­tle too ex­treme, try your vi­brato ac­tion lower down the body of the whammy bar. It’s also a common mis­con­cep­tion that Hank only adds the vi­brato at the end of phrases, but if you lis­ten care­fully there are sub­tle vi­brato lines all over the place to vary­ing de­grees.

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