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[Bars 1 to 12]

Our string skip­ping jam is played over a Dm7 back­ing track. This means if we use the notes of C Ma­jor we im­ply the D Do­rian GUITAR­mode which TECHNIQUEShas a nice MAGAZINEblues and fu­sion2 4 0 sound. Bar 6 has the first string- skip­ping run. This one uses the oc­tave in­ter­val and the fin­ger slides and pick­ing pat­tern has been no­tated. The in­ter­val­lic run in bar 8 is sim­i­lar to the one we looked at in ex­am­ple 3 only this time we have in­cluded some fin­ger slides for a smoother sound be­tween the tran­si­tions. In bar 11 and 12 we ap­ply the idea from ex­am­ple 8 to cre­ate an as­cend­ing phrase.

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