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[Gen­eral] The aim for this piece is to cre­ate a smooth melodic line, both when the melody is re­vealed as sin­gle, un­ac­com­pa­nied notes and also when it is har­monised with chords.

[Bars 1- 4] I play the first two bars us­ing al­ter­nat­ing first and sec­ond pick­ing fin­gers, and rest stroke for a warm and con­sis­tent tone. Oc­ca­sion­ally I re­peat the first fin­ger (in­stead of strictly al­ter­nat­ing) as it is er­gonomic to do so when chang­ing from a higher to a lower string – for ex­am­ple the C to B last note of bar 1 to the first note of bar 2. As we reach the block chords in bar 3 they are all played with the thumb on the bass notes, with fin­gers tak­ing care of the up­per notes as in­di­cated in the tab. The E chord on beat 4 jumps to 6th po­si­tion and stays there for the next two beats. Hold each chord for its full value and make the chord changes neat and ac­cu­rate so that the melody still sounds smooth. This can be quite dif­fi­cult to achieve so take your time and ‘slow mo­tion’ any changes that are prob­lem­atic. Prac­tic­ing chord changes like this in iso­la­tion will not only help to cre­ate a more flu­ent per­for­mance but will im­prove your over­all tech­nique.

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