EX­AM­PLE Fi­nal JaM

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: RHYTHM -

The fi­nal jam track is an all-out ex­trav­a­ganza that im­ple­ments some of the key ideas that we have worked on in the pre­vi­ous 10 ex­am­ples. Cho­rus 1 [Bars 1 – 14] The jam track starts with a two-bar count-in. The first riff is very sim­i­lar to Ex­am­ple 10, but we are us­ing a pick and down strokes this time. The whole piece is played with down strokes ex­clu­sively and is a great work­out for the pick­ing hand. The Sta­tus Quo style riff in bars 7 and 8 comes to life with a light palm mute. To keep things ex­cit­ing we go to a G5 chord in bar 12 in­stead of the more tra­di­tional change to the V chord, E.

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