Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: CLASSICAL -

[Bars 1-7] This mag­i­cal piece con­sists of a melody line on the top, bass notes and ac­com­pa­ny­ing in­ner voice chords. We want the melody to stand out a lit­tle so aim to pluck those notes a lit­tle stronger and keep the chords fairly soft by com­par­i­son. Pluck­ing hand fin­ger­ing in­di­cated in the first four bars to help get you started – I use rest stroke on the very first melody note. A barre across five strings is needed at fret 7 in bar 1 and in bar 2 the Dm chord on beat 2 is a bit stretchy with the fourth fin­ger reach­ing up to the A note (5th fret, first string). I find that plant­ing down the sec­ond, first and third fin­gers then stretch­ing the fourth fin­ger a frac­tion of a mo­ment later is help­ful for this par­tic­u­lar chord shape. [Bars 8-13] At bar 8 a grace note E on the sec­ond string needs to pre­cede the bass and melody note – lis­ten to the au­dio to see how it should sound. A barre should be ap­plied to make the in­ner chord playable. The same grace note ap­pears at bar 10 and the same barre is needed at the end of bar 13.

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