Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: CLASSICAL -

[Bars 16-41] At bar 16 the Am(#11) chord is a bit stretchy – place the fourth, third and sec­ond fin­gers down as a lit­tle block then reach back with the first fin­ger for the barre. At bar 23 on the B mi­nor chord we have an­other grace note in the melody, which should be played rhyth­mi­cally the same way as be­fore. The grace note ap­pears again at bar 35, this time as a ham­mer-on, and at 37 where you need to use the edge of the first fin­ger like a barre to pre­pare to fret the bass note Bb. The first fin­ger then needs to stay on the Bb bass note for the next three bars.

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