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[Bars 22-23] Th­ese bars are an ef­fec­tive use of dou­ble-stops em­ploy­ing a mix­ture of ma­jor and mi­nor Blues scales in the style of an or­gan riff - look out for the semi­qua­ver triplets which add to the vibe. [Bar 26] Here Carl uses slides, al­low­ing rapid shift­ing from the 6th fret to the 13th. Take this slowly and pri­ori­tise con­sis­tency of tempo over speed. [Bars 29-30] Carl finds an­other gear here, and shows he has chops to spare and ends this blis­ter­ing run with a bent note and bridge pickup switch com­bi­na­tion. You’ll no­tice that re­gard­less of the flu­ency of the phrase, Carl al­ways has a tar­get – a phrase end­ing – in mind, which main­tains a sense of mu­si­cal pur­pose and di­rec­tion through­out.

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