Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

[Bar 32] This ef­fect is achieved by bend­ing up the first string so that the sec­ond string is trapped un­der the fret­ting fin­ger with it. With the strings locked in such a way re­leas­ing the bend on the first string causes a con­trary up­ward bend on the sec­ond string (and vice versa). Too much fun! [Bars 33-36] An­other fin­ger-twist­ing semi­qua­ver phrase which uses chro­matic ap­proaches to tar­get notes in the chord. Again, slow prac­tice is the key so that you build up the mus­cle mem­ory not only to repli­cate this but so you can adapt it into other mu­si­cal con­texts. No­tice how bar 35 again uses sim­i­lar ma­te­rial to bars 3 and 17 but now with an end­ing tar­get in bar 26 of F (the root of the un­der­ly­ing chord).

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