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[Bars 49-52] Here’s yet an­other cre­ative and blis­ter­ing lick which ends with a bent note/bridge pickup switch at the end of bar 52. It’s most use­ful when learn­ing this phrase to main­tain an aware­ness of un­der­ly­ing chord and scale shapes in Bb. This will al­low you to un­der­stand the me­chan­ics of the phrase, in­crease se­cu­rity and will help you trans­pose to other keys and con­texts. [Bar 58-59] Here Carl opts for a huge po­si­tion change to fin­ish the solo in style. With a char­ac­ter­is­tic at­ten­tion to de­tail he ends the last note with tremolo bar vi­brato and a vol­ume knob fade out. What a pro!

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