Ex­Am­plE3 Fast be­bop lIne oVer II-V-Is

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

We de­scend from the 9th (G) to the b7 (Eb) over F9, down F mixoly­dian into Cm7, down C Do­rian, im­ply­ing F7 and Cm(maj7) to end on the 4th (Bb) of F7. Over Bb9 Ford starts on the root, out­lines Ab over the Bb9­sus4, echoes his Cm7 idea around Bb mixoly­dian to end with an im­plied C7 into Fm7; then down F mi­nor pen­ta­tonic plus a 9th (G), land­ing on the 3rd (D) and root of Bb7. A slid­ing idea around the 3rd (G) and root of Eb7, to end on the 9th (F).

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