ExAmplE5 G mI­nor 7 Vamp Into II-V-I In b

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Over the Gm7 Ford moves down a mix­ture of G mi­nor pen­ta­tonic with 9th (A) added and G Blues scale, com­ing up a Bb­maj7 arpeg­gio at the end of the sec­ond bar to land on the root of C7. He then de­scends chro­mat­i­cally to the b7 (Bb), mov­ing up a D ma­jor triad and down C mixoly­dian to land on the 3rd (A) of F7. He moves up F7, land­ing on the b9 (Gb), then comes down F half-whole (F Gb Ab A B C D Eb), re­solv­ing to 3rd (D) and root on the Bb­maj7.

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