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This month’s lick is very sim­ple in con­cept: all I have done is take the tri­ads of Em and D and played them in a non-lin­ear way – ie, not as they are spelt. If you look at the first three notes of the phrase (E-B-G) you will see that this is in fact a sec­ond in­ver­sion Em chord (B-E-G) in which the mid­dle note (E) hGaUsITbAReeTnEdCHroNpIQpUeEdS bMyAaGnAZoINcE­tav2e4.6This re­sults iOnNaEn voiced’ E-B-G sound and is con­cept used through­out the lick. I would rec­om­mend us­ing ei­ther pick or hy­brid pick­ing – the lat­ter method is what I used, with the pick play­ing all the lower notes and the sec­ond and third fin­gers tak­ing care of the re­main­der. It is also worth point­ing out that the chord names in the no­ta­tion rep­re­sent what the ac­com­pa­ny­ing rhythm guitar plays – all open-voiced chords as well.

ow-eve­bry, aPshtih­leHsiel­b­cohronreds are played against a more or less con­stant pedal E bass what you ac­tu­ally hear is a re­peat­ing Em-D/E se­quence.

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