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Two of the cor­ner­stones of Gil­mour’s lead style are his fin­ger vi­brato and string bending. His tech­nique and ap­proach is fairly blues ori­en­tated and the sounds used range from sparkling clean to full-on over­drive. The key to a good fin­ger vi­brato is con­sis­tency of width and rate. Gil­mour uses a soul­ful vi­brato that is most char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally of a medium width and rate. He adds this fin­ger vi­brato to nor­mally fret­ted notes as well as notes played with string bending. He also of­ten adds vi­brato to string bends by wob­bling the whammy bar and this pro­vides a soul­ful vo­cal qual­ity to the sound. Gil­mour is a mas­ter­ful string bender and of­ten in­cludes large bends in his so­los. One of his sig­na­ture bending tech­niques is the com­pound bend in which a tar­get tone is bent up to and then ex­ceeded by a higher note. He also of­ten uses the clas­sic blues trick of bending all the mi­nor thirds in the scale slightly sharp. These quar­ter-tone bends help the notes fit and this adds a lovely bluesy flavour. If you com­bine these fin­ger vi­brato and bending styles the re­sults will im­me­di­ately be­gin to sound a lot more ‘Gil­mour’.

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