Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: ROCK -

eXA2mxxpxLx­ex8xxWxxhxAmmy BAR use David Gil­mour is not famed for whammy barEuxs8e,-bWuht to add vi­brato to bent

no~t~es~and for spe­cial ef­fects - es­pe­cially when play­ing live. The ef­fect inwb/abra2r6 is cre­ated by first

Jfret­ting a note on the 12 fret of the sec­ond string. Hit the whammy to cre­ate a doop and then fret­ting-hand Ïtap on­toÏ fret 15. The fi­nal part of the idea is to puwl/lboaffr onto the 12th fret and then re­peat the process over and over.


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