Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: SHRED -

[Bars 49-62] This pre-cho­rus is pretty straight­for­ward, with huge in­verted power chords (the 5th in the bass) and sim­ple sin­gle note con­nect­ing lines. It might be a good idea to start the triplet on an upstroke to avoid land­ing on the A5 with the wrong pick mo­tion. [Bars 63-70] This is a sim­ple call and re­sponse blues idea, although the syn­co­pa­tion at this tempo can be tricky be­cause of the off­beat stepped hi­hat. As is Paul’s way, there are plenty of im­pro­vised pinched har­mon­ics that you can milk with wide fin­ger vi­brato.

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