Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: SHRED -

string shape can be trans­ferred to any num­ber of string com­bi­na­tions (three-note string-skipped taps with no sweeps work par­tic­u­larly well). The de­scend­ing B mi­nor/B Har­monic mi­nor legato phrase starts with the 15thfret G on beat 3, so prac­tise this whole phrase from here. The crazy ‘out­side’ sounds are cour­tesy of mov­ing the three-note shape down chro­mat­i­cally. [Bars 131-138] This sec­tion be­gins with a B mi­nor ver­sion of the in­tro tap­ping idea so should be fa­mil­iar by now. The clas­si­cally-inspired fi­nal sec­tion con­tains a rather un­usual ‘re-fret’ from the fret­ting hand af­ter the ini­tial tapped pull-off and some tricky move­ment over the strings which will re­quire some rolling of the fin­gers.


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