Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: CLASSICAL -

[Bar 17] There is a stretch for the fret­ting hand in the fi­nal beat of bar 17, so try if you can to re­lax your arm as you do this (it’s so easy to tense up on triBck­ier sec­tions). Again keep­9the fourth fin­ger in­tact the melody. [BGar 20] From bar 20 on­wards the piece is re­peated with some sub­tle

Echanges. Keep to all the same tech­ni­cal tips as you did for the first half. Do al­low some breath­ing space in your phrases and find a tempo that works for rushed0and rea0lly diff­ic2ult on the you. The av­er­ag3e or­ches­tral te3mpo ca2n feel guitar. A slower speed can still sound mu­si­cal and mag­nif­i­cent!

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