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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: VIDEO -

HeAre Carl shows how the melodic idea might be used in the mid­dle of an in­se­brt­bion

sorntÏ im­pro­vised line. This time, he not only uses the slide, but elab­o­rates the idea

sntrÏ o4f conÏd

seÏ witEh the C on the 13th fret, ing. This of adap­ta­tion shows how an idea is not fixed ob­jec­t1b0ut1c1an be adapted in terms of

lÏ ÏnoteÏ trÏ beat place­ment, rhythm and melodic elab­o­ra­tion. Note the cheeky pinch thebtoÏ FÏ tÏ ickyÏ

gainÏ har­monic to reach p on he ast - with very lit­tle .

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