Ex­Am­pleS 10-note strinG-pair cells

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: CREATIVE ROCK -

ex­am­ple 1 even though quin­tu­plets are used here, you should find them fea­tures notes that are du­pli­cated on each string (D and e notes). rel­a­tively easy to play be­cause of the fin­ger­ing lay­out on each string. When ex­am­ple 2 This ex­am­ple fea­tures a mix­ture of odd-note group­ings (nine play­ing four notes per string it’s quite dif­fi­cult to get a gap be­tween the notes per beat, seven notes per beat) as well as straight 16th-note triplets.

sL mid­dle two fin­gers, so this par­tic­u­lar shape (see Di­a­gram above), which is The se­cret is to prac­tise tar­get­ing the note at the start of each beat at a

str√etLch fiLngers. alG­soUIuTsAeRd iTnEeCxH2,NeIxQ3U, as it oSnH­lyArUe­qNu'iSresCaREATIrVelEatiGveU­lyITsAloRw tempo be­fore build­ing up to the demo speed. When do­ing

thÏ semi­tone be­tween the ecoÏnd andÏ ird each string-pair cell this, aim to space the notes in be­tween as evenly as pos­si­ble.


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