Ex­Am­pleS 10-note strinG-pair cells

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: CREATIVE ROCK -


quinL­tu­plets) eLx­am­ple, ex­am­ple 3 Again, we’re us­ing the same string-pair cells as in the pre­vi­ous two ex­am­ples, only even more notes are crammed into each bar. It may look daBunt­ing the page (32nd but, if, as in the pre­vi­ous you prac­tise tar­get­ing the note at the start of each beat (al­ways ei­ther on thAe first fin­ger of the fret­ting hand or the tap­ping fin­ger of the pick­ing hand) the in­ter­nal rhythms should take care of them­selves.

EELLh9ow,7ratheLr rhyth­mLic ex­am­ple 4 Here, we use a dif­fer­ent string-pair cell that in­tro­duces one chro­matic note per string. Again, phys­i­cally this is quite easy to play be­cause there are no stretches re­quired be­tween the mid­dle two fin­gers. Note

va≠ri­a­tion than spac­ing the notes evenly, is cre­ated by hold­ing onto the pick­ing-hand taps longer than all the5oth­e7r no8tes, for a more ear-catch­ing ef­fect.

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