CellsL ex­Am­pleS 10-note strinG-pair

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: CREATIVE ROCK -

LLex­am­ple 5 Here we’re adding two chro­matic notes per string to cre­ate a Flight Of T1h9e B2u0m­bl1e9bee1-2sty1l1e l1in0e r8em1in­7is­cent of TJ Helmerich (although, TJ wBould prob­a­bly play four chro­matic notes us­ing the pick­ing hand as well as the fret­ting hand). Again, note that no stretches are re­quired be­tween the mAid­dle two fin­gers.

EEex­am­ple 6 In this ex­am­ple, we switch back to same string-pair cell used in first three ex­am­ples, although that could be ob­scured for some due to the pres­ence of string skips. Here, in or­der to get 16th-note quin­tu­plets played to14a qu1a2rte1r0-not7e triplet count, you sim­ply tar­get the pick­ing-hand taps so that they beat out a quar­ter-note triplet rhythm.

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