Ex­Am­PlE4 fIvE fREt­bOARd PO­sI­tIOns fOR thE MI­nOR ARPEG­GIOs

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: CHOPS SHOP -

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2 xxxxxxxxxx Again, this ex­er­cise is the same idea as Ex 3, but us­ing mi­nor arpeg­gios.

E2xxx4xxxxxxxx Note how in the pre­vi­ous ex­er­cise as well as this one, I’ve given you some 2 xxxxxxxxxx Ex 4 -

- Ex 4 Ex 4


Cm Cm C¢Ï m Cm al­ter­na­tive voic­ings of var­i­ous as­so­ci­ated chords. This can help with the vi­su­al­i­sa­tion process as well as in­creas­ing your chord vo­cab­u­lary.

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