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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

se­lectÏ I’veÏ There’s an ar­gu­ment for no key sig­na­ture with this ex­am­ple as we’re ac­tu­ally

&in­orb­hob­w­ev4er, throughÎ mov­ing around rather rapid∑ly a ion of tonal­i­ties. plumped for F m6 as we be­gin with a legato fin­ger­style fig­ure in this

honuÏ thbeÏ with­noÏ b#eaÎu­ti­funl, key be­fore go­ing ‘arou5nd ses’ ctave dis­placed ma­jor tri­ads con­tain­ing the flat­tened 5th (R-b5-3/10). This is all r7ather and most likely a com­pletely spon­ta­neous Luc cre­ation.

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