ExAMPLE6 im­pro­vised break in 5

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

SylvAian’s play­ing is rhyth­mi­cal­l6y v5ery3fr5ee but3e­qu6alF­ly6c/on­trolle2d

and as­sured, so here we see how he might ne­go­ti­ate a break in 5/4 that be­gins to5­nal­ity outeÏ

rä in a F ma­jor but winds its way to an A7#9 chord on to Eb9. As

Ey­ouÏ caÏ n see, Luc’s play­ing is su­per-chro­matic so it’s of­ten Ïbet­ter to view the Ïthe loÏ soli­taÏ Ïfor ere.Ï big pic­ture and look for where a par­tic­u­lar line or idea might re­solve, rather than be on ok­out a ry scÏ alar or ar­peg­gio-based hÏ

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