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From their 60s hey­day to 70s blues-rock, 80s neo-clas­si­cal, 90s shred and be­yond, in­stru­men­tals have supplied some of guitar mu­sic’s most evoca­tive and ex­cit­ing mo­ments. We asked some top gui­tarists for their take on this iconic move­ment. This month: the

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GT: What type of guitar tone do you pre­fer for in­stru­men­tals?

JS: I cre­ate the tone to fit the song’s mean­ing. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less!

GT: Do you have favourite keys or tem­pos?

JS: No. I like them all!

GT: Do you find mi­nor or ma­jor keys prefer­able to write in?

JS: It doesn’t mat­ter one way or the other. The im­por­tant thing is a strong melody over some in­ven­tive har­mony.

GT: Do you have any favourite modes?

JS: No. Modes are just tools to ex­press your song’s mean­ing to the au­di­ence. They should all be ‘favourites’.

GT: Would you say it’s im­por­tant to mod­u­late into new keys?

JS: I try to find new ways to use mod­u­la­tions. I re­spect the way com­posers of yes­ter­year made their mod­u­la­tions work and be ef­fec­tive, but I al­ways try to ac­com­plish key changes in a more mod­ern way.

GT: Do you view the back­ing in a dif­fer­ent way than you would on a vo­cal track?

JS: It de­pends on the song, vo­cals or not. How­ever, if the main melody is played on an elec­tric guitar with a lot of gain then one might want to go easy on other high-gain guitar tones play­ing at the same time, to avoid fre­quency com­pe­ti­tion.

GT: What are your views on har­mon­is­ing melodies?

JS: Only if nec­es­sary. It can be very ef­fec­tive, but the more you har­monise the less space you leave for the lis­tener’s imag­i­na­tion.

GT: What three guitar in­stru­men­tals would you con­sider iconic, or which ones have inspired you over the years?

Rum­ble by Link Ray, Sleep­walk by Santo and Johnny and Where Were You by Jeff Beck.

I re­spect the com­posers of yes­ter­year, but I try to ac­com­plIsh thIngs In a more mod­ern way.

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