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Hold onto your hats, it’s time to take flight! The solo is very

thFis chal­leng­ing to play and fea­tures a re­lent­less string of semi­qua­ver phases at 150bpm. To l1e:a0r2n solo note for note and per­form it at tempo will stretch even the most sea­soned guitarist. if this is be­yond your cur­rent lim­i­ta­tions doEn’t be put off, as great sat­is­fac­tion can be had from mas­ter­ing just one orGtwo of th­ese ideas at a slower tempo. The phrases still sound great when

FJ JJJJ­played slowly and there is so much to learn by study­ing this solo. To help with the per­for­mance var­i­ous pick­ing and fin­ger­ings di­rec3­tions have been no­tated fo3r the su­per tricky parts. Metheny uses a mix­ture of a3l­ter­nate and econ­omy pick­ing (play­ing notes on adjacent strings with a sin­gle stroke). it is worth check­ing out the fin­ger­ing and pick­ing di­rec­tions for the ideas used in bars

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