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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

anoed rol­loe­feebl,oethis eoex­am­oe­ple poe­lays ao­erooeu8n­doe­bet­woeeen­boe­ma­jor8a­noed

up~a~ll in­11Eb mi­nor sh1a1pes 1 and 2 (note all those ‘blues’ bends on Gb), be­fore TaGk­ing on a 50s rock m1i2nor

stabr­toeto thoeen secEo&nd nab­ture youoe’ll tioe­meoe– work­ing up to shape 5 in ab, then shape 1 in G, re­fl8ect­ing the ch8ord changes. af­ter a while, th­ese po­si­tions crop­ping it’s

thoee to in­clude then in your own so­los.


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