EXEAMPLE3 min8or p6en­ta­ton6ic as ma­jor

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

OvGer the Eb5 chord, this C mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic lick in8 shape 1 tak8es on5 the6‘rela8­tive5­ma­jor’ feel8of

E5b (C mi­nor =E5b ma­jor), with­out need­ing to learn new scales, licks or pat­terns. We’re re­cy­cling the idea of play­ing in 4ths from the first in­stal­ment of Pen­t8a­tonic Boot Cam8p t5o cre­ate flo5wing8 line8, be5­fore8as­ce6n­di5ng th8rou6gh shapes 5, 1 aEnd 2 to the fi­nal string bend.


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