EXAMPLE8 full solo

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

w4ith aÓ­longer solo,⋲feat¿uri­noeg T3heoe­b6ack­ing

moo­ere moeu­si­coeal, (oe­hint WEe fin­ish a eo­ex­pres­sive ap­proach. chords are in­ten­tion­ally tricky – but not as tricky as Ex 7. See how many Pen­ta­tonic shapes you can spot in use, and look out for rel­a­tive ma­jo3rs an6d mi­nors - bar 14). T6o gi3ve a lit­tle more colour, there are plenty of quar­ter-tone

ow'n? ‘bDlues’ bends and swung phrases,3in co5n­trast with th3e ‘st5raight 8s’ feel of the back­ing track. Why not take some of th5ese i3deas and cre5ate a3­solo5 of y3our


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