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The in­tro sets a dra­matic at­mos­phere with the har­mon­ics chord fol­lowed by legato flour­ishes. Play the A5 strongly so it can sus­tain for three beats, and for each pair of slurred notes in bar 2 you’ll need to pre­pare by plant­ing down both­GfrUetItTinAgRhaTnEdC­fiHngNeIrQ­soUnEtShe be­fore play­ing. At bBar­i9dp­gleayt e-aTcehrn­re­ogtea's the¡ ™fourth

™noeote¡on with strong rest stroke thumb and gliss up to E the string. Switch to fin­gers on the fi­nal note of bar 10 to pre­pare for the scale pas­sage in bar 11. Play bar 11 with al­ter­nat­ing fin­gers – I start it rest stroke and switch to free stroke on the G note, fifth string. The ac­com­pa­ni­ment, con­sist­ing oCfAalPteRrnICatHinOg bAaRssAnBotEes and chords, be­gins at bar 13 and the main sul­try sound­ing melody be­gins with a gliss (slide) into the first note on bar 15.


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