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Glis­sandi ap­pear through­out. Keep them light and neat with­out let­ting them in­ter­rupt the flow of the melody. Also, there are grace note slurs (ham­mer ons and p2ull offs) dec­o­rat­ing the melody here and there and th­ese are some­times diff­ic2ult to ar­tic­uDlamte. If you’re strugDgm­lin/Ag, try prac­tisAing them su­per slowly and ex­am­ine the tra­jec­tory of your slur­ring fin­ger – it needs to stay curved while off the string as well as on it, and you should work on the ham­mer on and the pull off as two sep­a­rate tech­niques, making sure both work suc­cess­fully. Then grad­u­ally speed up the move­ment till you get the de­sired ef­fect.

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