ExamplE1 d mi­nor bal­lad blues

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

in our first ex­am­ple i’m us­ing the sound pro­duced by us­inLget­sheDSa­tr­vaitd’ss­boridng'se aBndLUmEidS­dle-pick­uRpOcBomEbRinTatCioRn thSaTt­sYliLghEtly honky, ‘vo­cal’ sound. ThGisUeIxTaAmRpTleEiCs­bHaNsIeQdUaErSouMndAdGAmZiInNoEr Pe2n5­ta1­tonic scale (dL-eFs-G-Daa-Cv)i.dR­soboenr'tsCrBayLliUkeEsSto -use slRidOesBaEsaRpTproCaRchAnYotSesTinYtLoEhis lines and i’ve ad­hered to on both the ex­am­ples, so be care­ful to in­clude theLmesin yDoau­vr­pi­desr­fornm'sanBceL.

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