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Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

[veDrse 3 Bars 435to end] For thi3s3­fi­nal sec­tion allen re5ally turns up the w0ick2.The legato phra2se in0 bars 47 a5nd 48 cer­tainly a wow fa3c­tor6and is well worth geDt­ting to­geth­e5r. You will need to start slowly and th5en build the pace once the fin­ger­ing is mas­tered. ag5ain the de­scen5d5ing p4hrases in bars 51 and 52 brim with­4e3ar grab­bing vir­tu­os­ity. They are a bit fid­dly to get7right, so per­se­vere with the fin­ger­ings and build up to the per­for­mance tempo grad­u­ally.

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