ExamplE1 SuS2 and SuS4 (fourth and fifth String rootS)

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

Bar 1 shows Fsus4 (R-4-5) drop­ping to Fsus2 then re­solv­ing to a F chord (R-3-5), a com­mon move in all po­si­tions up the neck. Bar 2 shows the move­ment in the

BRb­suTsE2CtHoNBIb­sQuUs4EaSnd2 Bb op­po­site di­reGc­tUioITnA, b5a1ck to tri­adC.Th­hois­rd­typCe­hoof­pp­sla-yinS­gu­sis rock bands. Use a slightly edgy tone with com­pres­sion.

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