ExamplE1 e mi­nor pen­ta­tonic riff

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

PlaGy oTfEthCisHeNmIQinUorEPSen­t2at5on1ic (e-G-A-B-d) riff with your first fin­ger at 5th fret and your third fin­ger at 7th fret. each time you play the G note, curl it up slightly to­wards the ma­jor 3rd ‘G#’ to give it a blues flavour. in the fiCn­hal­abralire,h'sol­dHthaer doRuob­clek-st-opBwOitNh yoJuOr fin­ger, then dip your whammy bar three times.

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