Dr~u~m~s ExEamplE4 rep­e­ti­tious Chro­matiC 16th-note phrases with gui­tar anD

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -


th4e6rhythm ifoeno­toe­moroee roleoeto ThGere’s and8 drum6 ac­tio9n her7e, one6 of Tim’s fav6ourite set­tings for solo im­pro­vi­sa­tion. While it’s fool­ish to state that the notes are not we can

im­porta#ntoe, saAy that has at least an equal, im­por­tant, pla8y in lin6es of th8is na­ture. ag4ain, Tim is an ex­pert with con­trolled de­liv­ery of a co8ntin­ual stream of notes, so de­vel­op­ing your tech­nique to a com­pa­ra­ble level will take the three Ps: per­se­ver­ance, prac­tice and pa7­tienc9e.


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