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Our fi­nal flurry of semi­qua­vers sees Tim in full-blown string-cross­ing arpeg­gio

m©»igh¡t∞wºish moEde4. You to fol­low his lead and con­sider us­ing a com­bi­nat7ion o8f pick and fin­gers (hy­brid pick­ing) or you could go at it with a pick plus ham­merons and pull-offs. ei­ther w∑ay is a plau­si­ble⋲and le­git­i­mate ap­proach to take.

ARe­mem­ber that the au­di­ence doesn’t care one lit­tle bit about such de­tails. all they care about is the mu­sic, so which­ever method you choose make sure the notes flow, the rhythm is not forced or lumpy and the dy­nam­ics are even and smooth through­out.


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