Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

Here we’re strum­ming more big sound­ing sus chords. If you’re not com­fort­able strum­ming with fin­gers, keep the pick in the palm of the hand or bet2wAeec­nouth­set­icfin­gers while pick­ing, then quickly release it for strum­ming.

the fol­low­ing few bars show how Jackson and other artists within this genre use sim­ple em­bel­lish­ments on their chord parts to add in­ter­est to sec­tions that could oth­er­wise be­come repet­i­tive.

‘Com­mon tones’ are a great de­vice for adding con­sis­tency – in this case the high ‘G’ on the 1st string is played on Am7, C and Gsus4 chords and acts as a hinge that makes for a con­sis­tent sound when mov­ing through th­ese bars.

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