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This sec­tion of the solo fea­tures sweep pick­ing. Play the Amaj7 arpeg­gio in Bar 128 with all four of your fin­gers placed di­ag­o­nally across the high­est four strings. Pick the four notes in a smooth, con­tin­u­ous down­stroke mo­tion al­low­ing the tip of your pick to glide across the strings. As your pick passes from string to string, fol­low the mo­tion with your four fret­ting fin­gers and fret only one note at a time to keep the notes sep­a­rated. Prac­tise this move in both the as­cend­ing and de­scend­ing di­rec­tions to get a feel for it be­fore adding the le­gato notes on the first string. Bar 129 con­tains a se­quence of three-string arpeg­gio shapes, which all use sim­i­lar pick­ing pat­terns; re­mem­ber to use smooth con­tin­u­ous mo­tions rather than in­di­vid­ual pick strokes.

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