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Here we see one of Petrucci’s spe­cial­i­ties: al­ter­nate pick­ing through a three-note-per-string scale at light­ning speed! Over the C# mi­nor chord, think of this as C# Phry­gian (C#-D-E-F#-G#-A-B] shape two, since it starts on the se­cond note ‘D’. Break the lick into smaller seg­ments of six notes each and prac­tise them in­di­vid­u­ally. Use al­ter­nate pick­ing so, for each six notes, you start with a down­stroke and end with an upstroke, to make con­nect­ing them a smooth process. Use your neck pickup for a warm, rock tone. The fi­nal sec­tion of the solo com­prises long sus­tain­ing notes. Add warmth by se­lect­ing neck pickup and add a slow vi­brato. The fi­nal cho­rus is 16 bars in­stead of eight. Play the first eight bars, in­clud­ing first time end­ing, then re­peat the first seven bars but this time play the se­cond-time end­ing. Note the cho­rus has an F# mi­nor tonal­ity in con­trast to the ma­jor mood found in the verses and pre cho­ruses. The fi­nal bar is a quar­ter-note triplet rhythm, which means there are three equal notes in the space where there are usu­ally two quar­ter notes.

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