Example1 G11, Gm11, F/G (as G11), Gm11 in five shapes

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

Set 1. G11 chord shapes con­tain­ing root-3- 11 (no 9th). Set 2. Gm11 chord shapes con­tain­ing root- 11 (no 9th). Set 3. G11 as F/G (F ma­jor triad over G root): root- 9-11). Th­ese are the up­per ex­ten­sions of G Mixoly­dian har­mony (7-9-11) giv­ing you a very mu­si­cal set of shapes. In­ter­est­ingly, th­ese can also work as mi­nor (Do­rian) chords as there is no 3rd heard, but they still ‘sound’ dom­i­nant. Set 4. Gm11. By us­ing a in­stead of the root and the low­est note, the chord can sound very rich ( 9-11) – let the bass player earn his keep!

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