Example3 Oc­tave dis­placed scale fin­ger­ings

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Oz learnt about oc­tave dis­place­ment from Pat Martino (you may wish to check out his sys­tem for re con­fig­ur­ing the chro­matic scale). You can find sim­i­lar ideas, al­most iden­ti­cal in some aspects, from the fan­tas­tic player and ed­u­ca­tor Joe Diorio and again in spe­cific lines from his pro­tégé, Don Mock. The idea is to main­tain the con­ven­tional scale for­mula and se­quence, dis­plac­ing oc­taves up and down as we go to add an un­ex­pected ear-catch­ing in­ter­val­lic shape to th­ese fa­mil­iar pat­terns. Pick­ing can be tricky, so ex­plore all your op­tions: al­ter­nate, econ­omy, out­side, in­side and even hy­brid pick­ing and le­gato. Th­ese all work great with dif­fer­ent but equally ef­fec­tive sonic re­sults. While you’re at it, try each of th­ese pat­terns back­wards to cre­ate the de­scend­ing vari­a­tion.

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