EXAMPLE5 Don Felder Style Acous­tic

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In a sim­i­lar style to the 12-string arpeg­gios that were the start­ing point of Ho­tel Cal­i­for­nia, this de­scend­ing chord pat­tern keeps to a strict melodic and rhyth­mic pat­tern that makes it easy to ar­range other parts around. This record­ing fea­tures a higher ‘har­mony’ part, as you will hear. To play this your­self, run through ex­actly the same chords, but start the pick­ing pat­tern from the ad­ja­cent string; so start from the fourth string rather than the fifth on the E mi­nor, then carry this ap­proach through all the other chords. This and the capo trick are all part of The Ea­gles’ sim­ple but ef­fec­tive song struc­tur­ing.

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