EXAMPLE6 Don Felder style solo

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Us­ing the bridge pickup of a Les Paul through a small Fender Tweed amp turned up to the max, this solo looks to em­u­late Don Felder’s melodic ap­proach – sound­ing al­most com­posed, with metic­u­lously con­trolled bends and phras­ing. It’s based around the E mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (E-G-A-B-D), but care­fully ac­knowl­edges those de­scend­ing chords from A mi­nor through to B7. This oc­ca­sion­ally means fin­ger­ing pat­terns that don’t fall as con­ve­niently into place as the more stan­dard blues ap­proach, but fol­low the tab and I hope you’ll agree the re­sults are worth it!

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