Ex­am­ple UP AND OVER – allen’s solo

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Verse 2 [Bars 19 to 24] The fast line in bar 20 uses a three-notes-per-string fin­ger­ing, which will sound great ei­ther picked as it is here or played le­gato. The dou­ble-stop bends in bar 21 re­ally help to build the ex­cite­ment. Cho­rus 2 [Bars 25 to 29] The de­scend­ing trill in bar 27 is used to great ef­fect

Bb­maj7# here. There is a great voic­ing for the 11 chord in bar 28. As Allen says, make sure you play the de­scend­ing riff (bar 29) tak­ing us to the middle sec­tion.

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